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This page is the official portfolio and blog showcasing graphic design work by me, Ryan Mayers, as I study in the Academy for Communications, Art, and Design here at Viera High school. Here, I will post all assignments I create in the Academy, along with other graphic design projects I work on.

I am a sophomore student at VHS, and apart from the Academy, I am a member of the Viera High School Marching Hawks band, marching Bb Clarinet. I participate in the symphonic band as well. I am bilingual; I speak Esperanto (more information here on Wikipedia) as a part of the Academy’s language program. In the Academy, I am a member of the colony Sancus, and I try to remain active in as many facets of the academy as possible. I have a green personality on the True Colors test (more information on About the Admin), and my MBTI personality type is INTJ-T.

My licences and certifications include Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. I also hold a General Class amateur radio license under callsign KM4EJW. As mentioned before, I speak Esperanto, and I am in the process of learning Spanish and eventually Hebrew. I have designed for the academy, and for a few businesses, including Retovia.  In the future, I plan to major in Computer Science, and study Business as a minor or second major.

My best work, in my opinion, is the Magazine Cover from 2014-2015. This project has the most detail and interesting minutiae from all of mine. There is a lot to look at as you look closer at the cover. For example, the barcode in the image scans out to “winky wonky,” a reference to the Eddie the Donkey project from the beginning of 2014. There are many more small interesting details to be found in that image, as well.